Through relentless winds, torrential rains, and blistering heat, I cycle. I cycle with purpose. I cycle for love. I cycle because it what I know best. The purpose of this blog is to keep the general public informed about my whereabouts, my state of mind, and my reason for cycling. Leaving New Jersey in August feels like a lifetime ago. I experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows on that trek, and grew tremendously as a person. Now on my return home, I feel it is imperative to share what I’ve learned and take some time to give back to those less fortunate than myself. America is a gorgeous country filled with incredible and inspiring people. The one universal constant I found in these people is the unadulterated selflessness that permeated throughout their actions and words. I feel I’d be doing a disservice on this return voyage if I didn’t share some of that amity. That is why I have decided to cycle back for the charitable organization ‘Wheels4life‘. This organization helps to provide bicycles for people in need of transportation in developing countries. I understand the importance and profound impact cycling has on my self, so to be able to share that joy with someone else in any way possible is something I can get on board with. Any positive impact that can be made for the recipients of the Wheels4Life organization through the help of this blog will be considered a prodigious success in my eyes.

Cycling is a true and real passion of mine. So to be able to share that love with others on a platform like this is..well…it’s just super neat is what it is. So feel free to read, comment, and follow my journey with me as I tackle the southern half of these United States. And while you’re at it, why not kick in a few bucks for a commendable organization that’s doing all they can to spread their resources to those who need it most. If you’re in a position where you are unable to donate, well that’s quite alright. Just spread your love however you deem fit. If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this trip, a simple smile and a wave goes a long way.


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  1. Hey Tom, my name is Rich, my wife and I converse with you at Sonic near Sonora. Keep us updated on your journey near Killeen/Ft Hood, TX area so we can invite you to a hot plate at our home.

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