Day 128-129 Verginia

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There used to be a time when the sun would begin to set and I would panic. I would desperately search for a safe and comfortable place to stay. That time seems like light years ago. Now I don’t even begin looking for a place to sleep until nightfall. For that reason I end up sleeping in odd places. Such as the back of an abandoned high school which is where I slept two nights ago. Last night I camped out on a jungle gym and tonight I am sleeping in a partially constructed colonial home right on the border of North Carolina and Virginia. I don’t mind sleeping in these places; in fact the randomness of them actually brings me a bit of joy. But I don’t get much sleep. Most of the time I am trespassing so not only is the act of stealth camping a delicate procedure, but it can also be unsettling. At any moment I can be awoken by an authority figure or an agitated local. But that’s the price I pay for not paying a price to sleep somewhere. I will be thankful to sleep in a bed upon my return home, however something tells me I’m going to spend the majority of the summer in my hammock outside.

I saw the Atlantic Ocean yesterday. I have to say, it didn’t look anywhere as appealing as Florida’s coast did. The crystal blue hue is replaced by an all too familiar murky gray one. Although it’s polluted and filled with medical waste, it’s the ocean I know well. The ocean I love.

I’m in Virginia now. Apparently there was a monsoon or something in Virginia Beach so I decided to hunker down in this house. I walked through all the rooms trying to figure out what will go where for the family that moves in. I bet they’ll stage the master bed so it faces the back windows of the house. That way they can watch the sunrise every morning. I’m pretty sure I slept in their dining room. And I was the first to use their bathroom. And it didn’t even have a toilet! Gross. No I didn’t. I pooped in their backyard. Gross. No I didn’t. I did humor the idea though. Poomor- Poo humor. Alright that’s enough of this poo talk. I think I’m done writing about these two days. They weren’t extremely memorable and to be quite honest, all I’m thinking about is getting to Philadelphia. I want to see my friends. Rather desperately. I’ve been on the road too long. It’s leading to too many poo thoughts. I don’t want to think about poo anymore. But it’s such a funny word. I dare you to say poo-poo out loud and not laugh. See? I think this writing is getting lazy. I’m doing a poor job at translating my experiences over to this medium. Poor job, or poo job. Alright I’m done.


Day 128

Miles: 78.67

Time: 6:50:08

Calories: 3035

Total ascent: 494ft.

Day 129

Miles: 30.81

Time: 2:25:40

Calories: 1298

Total Ascent: 354 ft.



2 responses to “Day 128-129 Verginia

  1. Hey Tom, glad to see you’re still rockin! Let me know if you ever find yourself in Houston, it’d be rad to hang again.

    Stay wild!

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