Day 110-114 (Asheville)

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This blog has been an outlet for me to share my feelings, experiences, memories, and encounters. Some might say I share a little more than need be. I’m not going to argue with that. When I arrived in Asheville I did not anticipate the series of events which unfolded to unfold in the manner that they did. I am still processing said events. It is complicated, confusing, and I’m not entirely sure that at this juncture, I feel entirely comfortable sharing it on such a public platform. But I do realize that some time has elapsed since my last post. I knew Asheville would be an intriguing and challenging place, but not to this degree.

Ok so could that be any more cryptic? I am couchsurfing with Rachel. I have learned a cavalcade of things from her and gained a tremendous amount of insight as a result of our time shared together. Rachel has a friend in Charleston, South Carolina and invited me on a road trip to visit them for a couple days. I have been invited to take many detours by many people on this trip and have politely declined. A day or two passes after contemplating “what if” had I gone with them, but eventually that fades and I continue on my journey. This invitation feels different. I know that if I decline, more than a day or two will pass before I forget about the “what if”. Rachel possesses something different.  I haven’t quite yet figured out what that is, but it’s different. And I know I would regret passing up this opportunity for quite a while. So, needless to say I accepted the invitation and we will be driving to Charleston. This will be the furthest separated I’ll be from my bicycle since acquiring it. Will thinking about that keep me up at night? Definitely. But I feel this is the right decision for me.

So my bicycle trip will be on a temporary hiatus, but my journey will not. I have been terrifically perplexed by this entire trip. Everytime I try to make sense of it or feel I’ve gained a grasp, someone like Rachel enters my world. She and I have involved ourselves in conversations or magnificent proportions. We are both exited, weary, fearful, and inspired by each other. But mostly excited. So away we go, to Charleston. I did not plan for this. However, some of the best things in life are unplanned. Ok well, that’s it I guess. I still don’t think I’m going to write about Asheville. That one’s for me. Sorry. I don’t really know what I’m doing here, but I’m comforted by the fact that I’m not going to be alone in that one. Nor have I been. See you in a few days.


Miles: 26.03

Time: 2:37:27

Calories: 1243

Total Ascent: 1424 ft.


One response to “Day 110-114 (Asheville)

  1. ” see you in a few days”. Tom, this encounter of the third kind will take way more than a few days. Enjoy them all.
    Jim K ( from the grocery store near Amelia Island with the Key West to Savannah group)

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