Days 98-100 (Savannuhhhhhhhhh)

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I left Jacksonville three days ago. I guess it’s four now. That first sentence makes me think of the first sentence of a bunch of books. ‘Mother died today.’ ‘It was a pleasure to burn’ ‘All this happened, more or less.’ Those sentences don’t seem too profound at first. The writing that comes afterwards solidifies the profoundness of those opening sentences. There’s nothing profound following ‘I left Jacksonville three days ago’.

The two nights between Jax and Savannah were spent in yet another display barn and a storage locker. It rained. It rained on top of the rain. I sat in a 6×6 windowless box for 13 hours waiting for the precipitation to cease. All I could say out loud while staring out at the light through the crack between the barn doors was “I chose this. I chose this.” But I wasn’t upset by these circumstances. Just exhausted. I fantasized about having my own bedroom again. People underestimate the power, comfort, and safety a bedroom possesses. I haven’t had a  proper bedroom in 9 months. I chose this. I wonder if homeless people fantasize about the modern comforts as much as I do.

When I think back, I rained all day as I left Florida. Immediately as I crossed the border into Georgia, the sun snuck out from behind the clouds. It found me and we shared a laugh at the prospect of a brighter state (literally and metaphorically). But that didn’t last. In the two days I’ve been in Georgia, I’m convinced I’ve encountered more precipitation than I have anywhere else on this trip. Damp everything is a fantastic way to rapidly deteriorate morale. Couple that with the fact that I had no one to stay with in Savannah. My arrangement with a CouchSurfing host fell through. These things happen. But it becomes much more difficult to muster up motivation when you have nowhere to ride towards. I think I wanted conversation more than a shower. Although I was starting to smell like if an armpit could fart. Yeah a shower would have been nice.

Sitting on a curb outside of a McDonald’s, facing pitiless winds, with no real destination, 40 miles south of Savannah, I felt defeated. Immediate flashbacks of West Texas resurfaced. I though I properly suppressed those memories with drugs and alcohol. Guess not. I was on my last leg. I was already trying to justify skipping Athens, Asheville, and the mountains while instead opting to ride straight home disregarding the 10,000 miles I hoped to achieve. So I sent a message out to the cosmos, not unlike that of Leah’s to Obi Wan. One last stab in the dark.  And like a beacon of hope (or possibly a bacon of hope depending on your dietary pleasures) a phoenix emerged from the ashes of despair. That phoenix went by the name of Miranda. Change of plans. Savannah is back on the boards, and hell, let’s throw Athens, Asheville and the Blue Ridge back up there too. It’s amazing how one seemingly simple act of kindness can reroute and uplift my entire trip. So to Savannah I rode. And this time with a little more force behind each pedal.

Once I reached Miranda’s we began the always fascinating game of getting to know each other. It was easy because we instantly had something to talk about. I dropped my underwear in the toilet as I was grabbing a towel to dry myself off. So that was a thing that happened. I wish I could say it was the first time something like that has happened, but that’s raw comedy. I told Miranda I wanted to be a stand up comedian and she laughed at me. Hey, I got a laugh. Mission accomplished. The only requirement for me to stay over was that I brought some wine. So over some wine, kale, potatoes and squash we partook in conversation that mattered:

  • The inner workings of an anarchist organization.
  • Astrology
  • Love loss and the cost.
  • Music. (She knows more than I do) And Miranda was in a band called sexhair.
  • There was some other stuff in there but I don’t remember and you probably don’t care because you weren’t there.

Somehow the topic of Tarot came to light. Miranda read my tarot cards. There were candles and crystals. It was way more legit than the last time I had my reading done in Austin. I say legit, but what I really mean is optimistic. I firmly believe in the effects of Tarot. Just like anything else, it simply serves as a reminder of the things you already know that are detrimental and beneficial in your life. It provides a brief moment of clarity and enables you to further dissect the stressors in your life. We also did it while Tales of Mystery and Imagination was blasting from a record player, so that definitely magnified the intensity of the reading.

I am in a much better place than I was the last two days. Savannah is a wondrous town. I will investigate it further tomorrow. For now I will revel in the company. You can do this thing on your own.


Day 98

Miles: 55:38

Time: 4:41:29

Calories: 2195

Total Ascent: 615 ft.

Day 99

Miles: 68.31

Time: 6:36:20

Calories 2289

Total Ascent: 364 ft.

Day 100

Miles: 49.93

Time: 4:51:05

Calories: 1968

Total Ascent: 1281 ft.


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