Day 95 (King of the Beach)

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Florida is hot, muggy, and riddled with sand fleas. I packed up my site at a faster rate than ever before in order to avoid the vicious bite of these critters. After only one day on the road I feel like I haven’t bathed in a week. Gross I know. I never used to mind the whole not showering thing, but the humid atmosphere Florida harbors, can make anyone feel like a total disgustabug after a few hours. I shudder and impress myself at the smells my body has produced over the course of this trip. Today it was unbearable. Then I looked to my right. This massive body of cool water was calling my name. I couldn’t resist. I stripped down and sprinted into the ocean. How had I not done this before? I pierced the crystal blue ocean which provided immediate relief from the sun’s heat. Florida’s Atlantic is much clearer and cleaner than Jersey’s shores.

Wave after wave crashed over me. I felt cleansed with each cresting wave. The undertow swept me from the beach. I did nothing to fight it. Part of me wanted to ride this current all the way north. I’m not really sure how I’ve felt about this trip over the course of the past week. I kind of lost touch with its purpose. I lost touch with the earth. Too much of my time has been exhausted worrying about past romances and future endeavors. It took literally losing touch with the earth to reclaim my relationship with it. As I floated in the warm waters of the south, I was relieved of my angst. I didn’t have to wake up to go to work today. I reported to no one. I am free to do whatever I want. I wanted to swim, so I swam. That’s a luxury and I am aware of its awesome power and momentum. Today I felt like a king. King of the beach.


Miles: 90.26

Time: 7:54:33

Calories: 3373

Total Ascent:602 ft.


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