Days 91-94

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I spent this weekend with my friend Matt in Dleray. Matt is the brother of my ex-girlfriend Marisa. Seeing a friend on this trip is more rejuvenating than any meal, amount of rest, or photogenic sight combined. However, my relationship with Matt sprouted from the decay of another. Seeing him reminded me that I am still in love with Marisa. Torment of an immeasurable magnitude swallows a man who loves a woman that doesn’t love him back. There is no ample distraction. On Friday I saw the Altantic Ocean. I stared at it for a few moments. I tried to reflect on my accomplishment, but all I could do was think of her. Frustration took hold and I tried to clear my mind. The sand between my toes provided temporary relief from the thought of thinking.

Almost everyone in Delray is here because they are going through some form of drug recovery. Most of the occupants of the city are either in recovery or recently graduated from it. I felt uncomfortable in this town. Matt’s cat Pearl was a relief from the whirlwind of bewildering emotion I was experiencing. This is a much more difficult post to write about than I originally anticipated. I don’t feel like writing anymore on the topic.

When I left Matt’s I left with a much better taste in my mouth than the last time I saw him. I rode as fast as I could along the Atlantic waters. The clear blue sea served as a reminder of the openness life possesses .Maybe when we’re older, we can try it over. Until then, I’ll stare at the tattoo on my arm. My bicycle. It can break every bone in my body, but it will never break my heart. That is why I ride on.



Day 91

Miles: 61.41

Time: 5:55:04

Calories: 2079

Total Ascent: 293 ft.

Day 94

Miles: 83.89

Total Ascent:  595 ft.

Calories: 3314

Time: 7:00:09


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