Day 50 (Lou Ez Anna)

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I slept under the bleachers of the Jennings High School baseball stadium last night. All I could think about was all the times I never spent under there growing up. Isn’t there an association with smoking cigarettes and kissing girls under the bleachers as a kid? I don’t think people really ever did that. Or maybe they did and I was just out of the loop. So I decided to be in the loop last night by smoking cigarettes and giving myself a hickey. I have not once paid for a place to sleep on the ride from L.A. to here. As a result I sleep in places like the bleachers of a small town in Louisiana.

For the first time since probably Wisconsin, I saw dew on the ground. Man, it feels like years since I’ve been in that state. I lay down in the grass and felt the east envelop me. Everywhere I go on this trip is where I want to spend the rest of my life.

I rode east until I reached St. Martinville. I had arranged to stay with a CouchSurfing host and his family there. I pulled onto a long driveway with a majestic Cypress tree sitting right in front of a brick faced ranch. Esther, John’s wife was there to greet me along with Remy the Destroyer, Wuppies, and Maybelline their three pooches. After our introduction, I met their son, Elliot who had just finished baking some stupendous chocolate chip cookies. I cleaned myself up, ate some cookies, and eventually met John, and Meri, their youngest daughter. Sitting around the kitchen table and talking to the Perkins’ family, it didn’t take long for me to realize how much love filled this house. Everyone was jovial, comical, and compassionate.  I was immersed in a healthy environment and had a wonderful dinner of purple rice, grilled chicken, and jalapeno/cheese bread. Eliot and Meri both attend UL, Esther has the greenest thumb I’ve ever seen, and John works in the realm of computer development. Naturally there was much to be discussed at the table. Also, Eliot is planning on taking a tour of his own via bicycle from St Martinville to Maine. He leaves next week and I hope that we will be able to ride together for a stretch.

After dinner, Meri, Eliot and I canoed down the bayou behind their house to a restaurant downtown. It was not the first time I have canoed, but the first time I have canoed in the bayou. That basically means every 2 minutes we stopped to observe a Nutria rats. If you’re unfamiliar with those creatures, here’s a taste. After a long boat ride of staring at rats, the only thing I ever want is sugar, so when we reached the restaurant, we shared a pecan pie, turtle cheesecake, and the most tantalizing bread pudding I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

One the way home, Eliot and I saw a giant splash in the river. As we investigated the area, he pointed out alligator tracks. I don’t know if it was a gator, but I’m just going to tell everyone it was. We pedaled much faster on the way back. Meri and I watched a film, ate a ton of dark chocolate and discussed our disdain for sugar abstinence. Twas a mighty fine day all around. The Perkins’ house has a spiral staircase, ducklings, a fireplace, and more bricks than a Boston street. I want them to adopt me.

There is so much more I want to write about my day. So many things happened, but I forget all the little details that made this day so delightful. My writing has taken a backseat to my experiencing. I am seeing it all and having no time to record it. Too busy being busy being busy. My brain just farted. I am mentally constipated. Ok, I’m going to go back to living and not writing on this blog.


Miles: 67.61

Calories: 2517

Time: 6:09:23

Total Ascent: 355 ft.


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