Day 47 (The Name’s Bond. Vagabond)

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Let’s just keep is short and sweet today, eh?

I’m hunched over behind the Liberty, Texas library, eating half cooked pasta with soy sauce, smoking a poorly rolled cigarette and watching the day turn to night. I am undisturbed, content, and pleased. All because I am free. I woke up this morning having no idea where I would end up tonight. I looked at a map, pointed to a town called Liberty, and thought to myself, “ok, that’ll do”. And as easy as that I was off. I may not be living the most luxurious life, but am and quite satisfied with it. I get a lot of weird looks. So I just give weirder ones.

I have the sudden urge to climb a tree. I think I’ll go do that right now. Because I’m free. I worry if this is the freest I will ever be. If I worry that this is the freest I’ll ever be, I’ll never be truly free. So I’m going to go climb that tree. When you’re climbing a tree, you have no worry. Yeah, I’m free.


Miles: 83.26

Calories: 3566

Time: 6:15:22

Total ascent: 443 ft.


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