Day 36 (Eat Breakfast Tacos. Crash Bike. Sleep Next To Dog. Repeat)

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Kathryn and I drove to a farmers market. Level 4 hangovers need a remedy of melted cheese, and chorizo wrapped in a tortilla. The farmers market had that. That is why we went there. I am typing like a robot. I am a robot. If I was a real robot, I’d be screwed.

Kathryn, Lauren, and Alex showed me the side of the river walk most tourists don’t see. It was quiet. It was tranquil. It was exactly what I needed. And then there were puppies. Armfuls of puppies as far as the eye could see! The local animal shelter was attempting to adopt out a bunch of canines. Everyone flocked to the puppies. I felt bad for the older dogs. I pet the puppies anyway, but I felt bad for the older dogs. Does that still count?

I had to leave San Antonio. It was kind of a bummer as I just begun to grow fondly of the place and the people in it. About two miles down the road from Kathryn’s house I did something really dumb. I took my eyes off the road to mess around with my GPS and I drove straight into a pole. I felt like an assclown. I was waiting for Jeffrey Tambor’s hired one armed man to pop out and tell me “That’s why you always keep your eye on the road”. I got lucky. It could have been a lot worse. All I have is a bruise on my leg and a rash on my arm. Their purpose is to remind of how easily I can be taken out when I stop paying attention. I was careless. I got lucky. I got back on my bike.

Day turned to night and I started to think about how jaded I’ve grown about telling people my story. I’ve heard it a million times. It’s boring to me now. All I want is to hear about other people’s lives. I want to know what they’ve been through, what they’ve seen, what they think. You don’t grow as a person if you spend all your time talking about yourself. As I was simultaneously fantasizing about where I’d end up for the night and ‘how many —- does it take to change a light bulb’ jokes, a truck pulled up next to me. The man driving and I struck up a conversation and he ultimately asked me where I was sleeping tonight. “I don’t know” I replied. He pointed out the fact that the landscaping business we both just passed was his and he told me I was welcome to sleep there for the night. Sweet relief. He turned around and showed me around his property. His name is Tommy and he emanated positivity.

Right now I’m sleeping in the shed of Mile High Yard Works and I couldn’t be happier. Why you ask? Well aside from the fact that I’m indoors, I don’t have to worry about any of my stuff being stolen, and I’m relatively warm, I have a companion. Rojo the dog. Rojo is Tommy’s dog who watched over the business at night and he hasn’t left my side. In fact, I’m finding typing this post tremendously difficult because he keeps nudging me to play. People that don’t like dogs make me uncomfortable. Alright well I’m going to play with Rojo now. Adios.


Miles: 32.95

Calories: 1458

Time: 3:01:19

Total Ascent: 999ft.


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