Day 32 (Stop. Hammock Time)

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After my feeble attempt of trying to compete with the wind, I eventually gave up and set up my camp for the night. I wandered through the woods for a while until I saw a cluster of lights that turned out to be a truck stop off the side of the interstate.

Fortunately, I had tremendous tailwinds that carried me all the way to Junction. Walking into the Junction public library was like walking into a spa. The aroma of lavender and freshly washed clothes saturated the establishment. There was a platter of cookies and coffee laid out for any visitor to enjoy. Naturally, after 30 seconds of me being there, the library reeked of 9 day old cyclist clothes and the plate of cookies was but a mere platter of crumbs. I’ve perused many a library throughout this country, but the Junction, Texas public library takes the cake.

I had a ton of riding to make up for so I couldn’t stay and lounge around. Somewhere in the second half of the day’s ride I reached the top of a hill. I was fascinated with what I saw. Hilltop after hilltop of green lush trees. Trees! I haven’t seen this much foliage since the Sierra Nevada. You have to understand, this whole trip back home has been nothing but dry desert dirt with the occasional cactus sprinkled in. Now I finally am engrossed in trees. Beautiful bountiful vegetation. That means that central Texas is the gap between east and west. From here on out it’s shade and fresh air. Well I think so. Apparently east texas is oil field galore so we’ll see.  I managed to make my way to Kerrville. I arrived at night, so I didn’t get much of a chance to absorb the city. I’ll probably just camp out in a church’s yard. There are over 18 here. Yeah, over 18. Barely legal. Gross.

Alright I want to write about something that I hold near and dear. My hammock. It’s been a true companion of mine on this trip. We’ve spent some great nights together. I have trouble sleeping most nights out here, so the beautiful thing about my hammock is I can just unzip it, push off the ground, and rock back and forth to sleep like a baby. It’s marvelous. I feel like a butterfly every time I emerge from its cocoon of warmth. I think if I just had a normal tent, I would have slept in as many wacky places as I’ve snoozed. It’s unconventional nature is a fantastic conversation starter and always diverts from the fact that I’m sleeping somewhere I’m not supposed to be sleeping when talking to a person of authority. The hammock does limit me to particular areas where I can sleep, but I’ve developed a keen and creative eye to those places. Clearly this day was boring; otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a fifth grade level paragraph dedicated to my hammock. It’s hard to be interesting when disinteresting things are happening to me.



Miles: 86.97

Calories: 4180

Time: 7:01:36

Total Ascent: 3162 ft.


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