Day 10 (Insert Creative Pun about Tucson Here)

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Because my memory is so awful, I usually rely on the pictures I took from the day to recap it. Today I took three pictures. I saw a group of weird cacti, and a road that consisted of a 25 mile long incline. I spent the majority of my morning cursing headwinds and stopping every five miles to gnaw on Clif Bars. I ate five of them today. I am not very good at rationing food.

Around noon I pulled into Catalina. There I discovered that if you eat 3 bacon cheeseburgers in less than a minute, you will feel like human waste for hours. I wasn’t even hungry. I saw a McDonalds and I stopped. My Pavlovian response to those two golden arches beyond alarming. I need to start disciplining myself more when it comes to eating that kind of stuff.

Tucson is huge. Much like Phoenix, the city is built outward instead of upward like unlike the urban sprawls of back east. It makes sense, there’s more space so why not build out? I like being surrounded by tall buildings though. They serve as almost a protective cover in my eyes. Oh boy, I wonder what Freud has to say about that. Phallic Fallacies. That would be a great name for a death metal band.

Anyway, I reached Uncle Bruce and Aunt Margaret’s house around 4 or 5 pm. It’s always great to see family, especially under circumstances which don’t involve funerals (which is the last time we saw each other). So this time around it was refreshing. I cleaned myself up and Aunt Margaret made me a huge plate of scrambled eggs. After a bit of catching up, it didn’t take long for us to talk about Michael, their son who had unexpectedly passed away of heart failure two years ago. I rarely saw Michael, but whenever I did I always thought to myself how much I wanted to be like him when I grew up. His demeanor and style were things I always gravitated towards. He reminded me a lot of Andrew. Having conversations like that are never easy, but we couldn’t stop talking about how immensely influential they both were.

I sit and I stare into the void thinking about them both. Losing the ones you love flat out sucks. I take comfort in the fact that I can share and celebrate the lives of these two young men with my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Margaret. I think I’m going to stay here longer than expected. There’s too much love in this house.


Miles: 64.14

Calories: 2829

Time: 6:28:00

Total Ascent: 2438 ft.


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