Day 7 (Feenix)

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Last night I ate an entire large super supreme pizza at Pizza Hut in about 15 minutes. I was equal parts proud, regretful, and nauseous.

After that I went to the police station to ask if there was a place in town to sleep. Dispatch told me to leave town. So I cycled for about 2 minutes and saw a church of LDS. I was hoping for a church of LSD, but beggars can’t be choosers. No one could see me from the road so I was cooler than a cucumber.

I was woken up this morning by a rooster. Yes, this town has a rooster. I don’t know if you’ve ever been woken up in that fashion before, but there’s no snooze button on a rooster. I laid in my hammock in the courtyard of a church of Latter Day Saints and fantasized about punching that rooster in the neck and calling it a cock (which would have been an insult and accuracy). I just reread that sentence and if you told me six months ago that I’d be typing that, I’d think to myself “yeah, that sounds about right”.

Biking to Phoenix would be a breeze I thought. Well there was a breeze, it was just headed in the opposite direction of me. It took a little longer to reach my Uncle Dutch and Aunt Gerry’s house, but I got there safe and sound. It was great to see them. I was trying to recall the last time we had seen each other and I had been about 3 or 4 years. That’s far too long to go without seeing family.

We caught up with each other and shared stories about the things we’ve seen, places we’ve been, etc. One thing that remained constant was our agreed admiration and appreciation for America. I was able to shower and shave. It always takes some time adjusting to a beardless face. Dutch and I drove to the local bike shop to look at my brakes, it turns out they were actually in pretty good shape. That gave me a little more confidence in my mechanic skills, but it meant my bike wasn’t the thing that was slowing me down. It was me. Ugh, my knees hurt.

Over a dinner of steak stew, more light was shed on Dutch’s aviation career. It’s always enjoyable to learn more information about family. As a result, we later talked more in depth about family and issues that need to be addressed. I realized that I’ve been rushing to get home because I have many matters to address with my family. I almost want to go home, deal with them, and then come back to finish this ride. But for now I’ll just continue to ride east.

Tomorrow we’ll head to downtown Phoenix and check out the sites. Apologies for the lack of pictures on this post. There will be more tomorrow.


Miles: 47.32

Calories: 1764

Time: 4:31:30

Total ascent: 513 ft.


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