Day 6 (Interstate Hate)

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Last night was great temperature-wise. The fire I built coupled with the warm than usual night left me cozy and shiver-less. However, because I set up camp about 30 feet from the interstate, I had the pleasure of being serenaded to bed by the relentless booming of semis all throughout the evening.

I woke up and hit the road with a vengeance. I was 100 miles from Phoenix and I was determined to make it there today. I only stopped to have lunch at a rest stop. There I noticed the sign warning about scorpions and snakes. It was only then that I realized “oh yeah, those things are out here.” WHATEVAH! I AIN’T SCURRED! Actually I wasted a bunch of time trying to seek them out, but came up empty.

FLAT TIRE ALERT! FLAT TIRE ALERT! About 60 miles into the ride I received my first flat tire of the trip home. Repairing it took a little more time than planned, but I listened to Missy Elliot the whole time, so it wasn’t a total loss. But when I looked at the clock I noticed it was 2:45 and it was at that point I began to seriously doubt the idea of reaching Phoenix today. Once I got back on the bike I was pummeled with some nasty headwinds. Phoenix is scrapped. Next option: I’ll just stop off in this little town of Buckeye and figure out a sleeping arrangement. FLAT TIRE ALERT! FLAT TIRE ALERT! Yes, two flats in one day. Needless to say I was pissed. But what can you do? I fixed it and the noticed my brakes are offset. To repair this I need a tool called a ‘4th hand’. I don’t have a 4th hand so I just have to make due. I am dirty, smelly, and tired. My bike is dirty, smelly, and tired. We both need some repairs.

I managed to hobble into Buckeye and boy oh boy, what a booming metropolis this town is. Eh, I’m just bitter about my bike and hungry. I’m sitting in the library right now and I don’t know where I’ll sleep. That’s not even a real stressor anymore. I mean it’s stressful at times, but right now I’m just so hungry and tired, I’ll probably just sleep in the booth of the first restaurant I see. Also, I’ve just come to realize that I reached the Mountain time zone upon entering Arizona. All things Pacific are finally gone. Boo.


Mies: 75.92

Calories: 3019

Time: 6:42:42

Total Ascent: 1150



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