Day 5 ArizonYeah!

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I woke up much late than anticipated. The two bloody marys Mark made for me were just enough to knock me out for some much needed rest. It’s so refreshing to have a sound night’s sleep and be absolutely free of stress. However, I woke up 3 hours behind schedule. No big deal. Mark, Liz, and I had some biscuits and gravy for breakfast. They told me more about Blythe and the strong sense of community the town possesses. There is a high rate of cancer in Blythe and they theorized that it’s a result of the overuse of pesticides on the crops. Regardless of the cause Liz gave me numerous examples of fundraisers, walks, bake sales, etc. that the townsfolk put on to raise money for other members of the town who have been diagnosed with cancer. B&B Bait shop really is the hub of it all too. The mayor even hangs out to drink and chat with teachers, firemen, farmers, and any other citizen of Blythe at the shop. I was glad to have joined the ranks of many other cyclists by signing their ledger. Eventually we said our goodbyes and I made my way to the border.

The Colorado River marks the border between California and Arizona. It was there I had to dispose of my excess marijuana. Unlike California, which allowed me to legally possess the drug, Arizona considers it a class 5 felony. And as much as I love smoking weed, I love not going to jail even more. I’m not going to lie, it was a tough thing to do and extremely frustrating. Two states right next to each other have two completely different opinions of the drug and all I can do is begrudgingly adhere to the law. But it will be nice to clear my head for a little while I suppose. At least now I’ll remember where I put things.

Arizona’s desert looks a whole lot like California’s. Although, there are significantly more cacti on this side of the river. I don’t know why that is, but I don’t really care enough to find out. I reached the town of Quartzsite and was told it was a pseudo-mecca of markets  by some. I found it to resemble nothing more than one giant rest stop. I chatted with a few locals who stopped me to ask where I was headed, where I left from , yada yada. I happily entertained them with my story and then got back on the road.

I’m still on the interstate, but it’s not so bad. The shoulder is wide, it’s legal for me to be here, and it’s the straightest route to Phoenix. In the spring or fall I would certainly take any other route, but because of the cold, I want to get to Phoenix to stay with my Aunt Gerry and Uncle Dutch as fast as I can.

I listened to a few H.P. Lovecraft short stories and still remain astounded at the intellect and ingenuity of his writing. If you haven’t exposed yourself to his collection yet, do yourself a favor and seek it out,. Hands down one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time.

I pulled off the side of the road once sunset approached and found a nice little patch of land surrounded by trees. Perfect cover from passersby and plenty of firewood. I set up camp, cooked some pasta on the fire, and will probably call it a night rather early. I want to get a head start on the day since I have a lot of ground to cover. Fortunately, tonight is a little warmer than prior evenings, so I’m anticipating actually getting a decent night’s rest. I hope I dream about meeting a girl named Moonflower again! Now to look for an electrical outlet in these trees.


Miles:  52.37

Calories: 2436

Time: 4:58:23

Total Ascent: 2281 ft.


3 responses to “Day 5 ArizonYeah!

  1. Seems a bit drastic to leave California behind like that…who’s really going to look deep in your smelly panniers???

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